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The player controls a black distorted dot - Black Matter - in a top-down view. While picking up other black dots the character gains size and health. The challenges include moving around planets with a gravitational pull and avoiding forces of evil that try to damage you. Along the game, the player is shown that these forces of evil capture the black dots and want to keep them for themselves. The player is sent out to free all the black dots from these forces of evil.

Gameplay Video
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Klaas Kaat was Born on the 14th of February 1983 in Eindhoven Netherlands. He studied Game Design at the Zuerich School of Arts where he received his bachelors degree in 2010. He is now working as an independent Game Developer, freelance Motion Designer and as a Animation Artist at CorpmediaTM. 'Macrocosm' is supported by the swiss culture support Pro Helvetia and was chosen for the program 'Call for Projects' in 2011.

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The origin of 'Macrocosm' starts as his bachelorproject concluding his studies at the Zuerich University of Arts. The game was designed with an easy and intuitive approach to its gameplay. The central question was how game related content is best communicated to the player. The focus whilst developing was on investigating possibilities of character control and different ways of displaying storyline content. In the end, 'Macrocosm' is a game that that keeps the player interested with an easy to learn jet challenging gameplay mechanism. Information is communicated in realtime, in form of speech bubbles presented while playing. To ensure a smooth experience, the game has an uniterrupted gamplay; i.e. it does not switch to menus as it transitions from level to level.
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